Simple and elegant design

Integrate into your life

We provide a variety of thermos mugs and coffee mugs, whether you want to take a drink out or enjoy it slowly at home, you can find your favorite single product

No Matter Where You Go

Put it in your bag and continue your journey.

Enjoy drinks with your friends no matter where you are in the world with your double wall vacuum insulated thermos. It keeps your coffee or iced drinks and cocktails at the perfect temperature for hours. It won't leak and you can safely toss it in your bag.

For a better world  

For Fomorrow

It is in our own hands to protect the vitality of this world and leave a better living space for future generations.
The thermos cup can keep heat or cold, but the most precious thing is that it retains the bits and pieces of our journey together and becomes a container of our memories.
By spreading our conscious attitude throughout the year, we can prevent ocean pollution and contribute to the continuation of hundreds of endangered species.
As Thermos World, we call on everyone to create a green future with zero plastics.